According to an agreement with the NFL, Kristin Juszczyk is the clear winner of the Super Bowl

According to an agreement with the NFL, Kristin Juszczyk is the clear winner of the Super Bowl

Still, Mrs. Juszczyk, whose website Says she is self-taught and started her business after making Halloween costumes for herself and her husband, she has more than just the endorsements of Ms. Swift and other celebrities going for her.

The fact that Nike was first credited with making Swift’s jacket reflects the fact that Juszczyk, consciously or not, has positioned himself at the hot center of a number of macro fashion trends. Namely: the rumors surrounding recycling; the desire for customization; the transformation of streetwear into luxury; and the growing convergence of sports and fashion. As one of his followers. aware under a photo of his work, “Finally cool clothes that aren’t a crewneck or V-neck shirt.”

The NFL, for example, has apparently recognized the opportunity. Instead of going after Ms. Juszczyk for exploiting her trademark without her approval, they decided to… well, partner with her and grant her a license to use or reuse her clothing. (Attempts to locate her were unsuccessful; she is presumably busy preparing for Sunday.)

Now the question is whether Juszczyk can leverage all of this to take his brand from the equivalent of a cooking hobby to a genuine business. A great test will come with the first piece he has made for sale (he previously gave away his designs): a “Puffer vest with official Super Bowl license..”

The product, a relatively simple silver and black number with purple and red accents and embroidery commemorating the date and game, is up for auction on its website. The sale began on Thursday and ends Saturday at midnight.

As his first official piece, the vest feels much more commercial than his previous creations, which had more of an Edward Scissorhands vibe, like an elevated version of what you might have done to old t-shirts when you were a teenager. I went to an Arcade Fire concert. It’s hard to say if the more generic style marks a design evolution, since the vest is the only item available in the store. The same goes for whether Juszczyk’s example could inspire other sports wives and girlfriends to start their own fashion lines. (After all, there is a precedent in Victoria Beckham.)

What’s clear: Although all proceeds will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, as of Friday morning the highest bid was $32,800, placing Juszczyk’s work at the heart of the luxury segment. At least as far as prices are concerned.

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